David Passlow

Systems & Gameplay programmer

Professional projects

Smog N' Cogs

Smog N Cogs was an educational project completed at the AIE

the project was completed over 8 weeks with a team of 8 people including 2 programmers besides myself
My role mainly consisted of creating unit behavior, ability systems and implementing animations & UI


Fu-Shi was a team project completed at AIE over 15 weeks with 7 people
You play as a fox spirit pursuing a mischievous wisp that has stolen your powers

I was mainly a gameplay and AI programmer on this project handling motion, enemy AI and environmental animations & interactions

About me

A programmer with 3 years education in C++ & C# and experience in the Unity engine

Currently completing an advanced diploma in game programming from the AIE with the intention to pursue indie and professional work in the future

With a strong interest in emerging technologies and potential such as VR, space and shader technology I have been following games and software for several years with intention of tying my interests together

Personal projects & fun

Personal projects for my own enjoyment / research

Rhythm Library

Initially a basic project to test library linking and FMOD interaction

This tool is still limited in utility but has allowed me to make a good demo of rhythm game systems

Get the source code on Github


Constant experimentation happens here and it's generally quite fun.


Send me an email or have a look at some of my work on github

[email protected]